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                                                                 Part I -- The Action

1. Description of the Research Project

1.1 Title

1.2 Location(s)

1.3 Amount requested from the ICAI ARF

Total eligible cost of the research project Amount requested fromthe ICAI ARF % of total cost of research project

Total eligible cost of the research project Amount requested from
% of total cost of research project

1.4 Summary

Provide the following information in respect of the project:
(a) the aim of the research project;
(b) the target group(s) and
(c) the main activities.

Where applicable, clearly indicate the sector, theme, or geographical area specified in the call for proposals to which the proposed research project would apply.

1.5 Objectives

Describe the overall objective(s) and the specific objective of the research project.

1.6 Justification

Provide the following information:

(a) Relevance of the research project to the objectives and priorities of ICAI ARF.
(b) Identification of perceived needs and relevance of the project and constraints in the target segments.
(c) List of target groups and estimated number of direct and indirect beneficiaries.
(d) Reasons for the selection of the target groups and activities.
(e) Structural impact of the research project – e.g., will it lead to improved legislation, codes of conduct, methods, etc?

1.7 Detailed Description of Activities

Include the title and a detailed description of each activity to be undertaken to produce the results, specifying where applicable the role of each research candidate (or associates) in the activities. In this respect, the detailed description of activities must not be confused with the plan of research project (see 1.9).

1.8 Methodology

Detailed description of:
(a) Methods of implementation e.g., preparatory activity, examining, evaluating, envisaging and executing are       methods of implementation.
(b) Reasons for the proposed methodology.
(c) How the research project is intended to build on a previous research project (where applicable).
(d) Procedures for self or internal evaluation.
(e) Level of involvement and activity of other persons or organisations in the research project.
(f) Team proposed for implementation of the research project.

1.9 Duration and Research Plan

The duration of the research project will be _______ months.
Any months without activities must be included in the research project plan and the duration of the research project.

The Indicative research project plan for the first year of implementation should be sufficiently detailed to give an overview of the preparation and implementation of each activity. The indicative research project plan for each of the following months (depending on the research project's duration) may be more general and should only list the main activities foreseen for those months. The indicative research project plan must be drawn up using the following format:


Activity month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Implemented By
Example example                       Applicant
preparation Activity 1(Title)                         Support Staff,IT Expert
Execution Activity 1(title)                          
Preparation Activity 2 (title)                          


1.10 Information about Team for the Project
Attach resume of each of the members of the team.

2. Expected Results

2.1 Expected impact on target groups (The target groups of the project will be members, industry, academicians and others who are interested in the subject matter).

Indicate how the research project will improve:

(a) the situation of target groups
(b) the technical and management capacities of target groups

2.2 Publications and Other Outputs

Be specific and quantify outputs as much as possible.

2.3 Short and Long-term Impact
Provide a brief description of the short-term and long-term impact of the research project at institutional level and policy level.

3. Budget for the Research Project
The Budget should be provided in as much detail as possible. It should separately disclose the cost of the human resources, traveling, equipment and supplies costs.

4. Expected Sources of Funding

The applicant should clearly mention:
(a) Applicant’s financial contribution;
(b) ICAI ARF contribution sought;
(c) Contribution from other bodies/individuals; and
(d) Revenue, if any, to be generated from the project.

                                                               Part II -- The Applicant

Residential Address  
Postal Address  
Contact Address  
Contact Person  
Telephone Number  
Fax Number  
Web site  

1. Identity

Full Name :
(in case applicant is an institution):
Legal Status:
Date of Birth/incorporation:
Official Address/Permanent Address:
Postal Address (if different from permanent address):
Contact Person
(in case applicant is an institution):
Telephone Numbers:
Fax Number :
Internet Site:

3.1 If the applicant is an organisation, when was the organisation founded and when did it start its activities?

3.2. What are the main activities of your organisation at present?

3.3 List of the management board/committee of your organisation

The details may be provided in the following format
Name Profession Position

4. Capacity to Manage and Implement Research Projects

4.1. Experience of Similar Research Projects

Please provide a description of research projects managed by you/ your organisation over the past five years in the fields covered by ICAI ARF taking care to identify for each research project:
(a) The object of the research project
(b) The results of the research project
(c) Your / your organisation's role (lead manager or partner) and its degree of involvement in the research project
(d) The cost of the research project

4.2 Resources

Please provide a detailed description of the various resources which you/ your organisation has access to, and in particular, of the following:
(a) The number of full-time and part-time staff by category (e.g. number of project managers, accountants, etc),        indicating their place of employment
(b) Equipment and offices
(c) Other relevant resources (e.g. volunteers, associated organisations, networks that might also contribute to       Research Project).

4.3 Additional Information to be provided by Individual Applicants

(a) Are you a recipient of any gold medal or rank holder? If yes, please provide the details.
(b) Details of educational qualifications including the subjects studied at the University level.
(c) Give details of any other information that you wish to provide in support of your application (e.g., articles,       research work, books, or any material published).
(d) Also provide list of academic awards, prizes, honours, fellowships or any academic distinctions.
(e) Provide employment details including current and last ten years. The details should indicate name of the       employer, designation, nature of duties performed and the period. The following format may be used:
      Name & Address of the Employer Designation Nature of Duties Performed Period

Name & Address of the Employer Designation Nature of Duties Performed Period

(f) Total experience till the date of application ____Years & ____ months.

                                                     Part III -- Declaration by the Applicant

Institutional Applicant

I the undersigned, being the person responsible in the applicant organisation for the research project, certify that     the information given in this application is correct.

Date and Place  

Individual Applicant
I hereby certify that the information provided by me in this application is accurate and complete. I have carefully read all the instructions in the application form, and hereby agree to abide by the decision of the ICAI ARF authorities on all matter regarding selection for the project facility.



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